Fantasy Opera by Mark-Anthony Turnage.
Swiss first release.
Zurich Opera 2019/2020

Musical director Ann-Katrin Stöcker
Stage director Nina Russi
Set and costume design Stefan Rieckhoff
Lighting design Franck Evin
Video design Tieni Burkhalter
Dramaturgy Fabio Dietsche

Coraline Deanna Breiwick / Sandra Hamaoui
Mother / Othermother Irène Friedli
Father / Otherfather Robin Adams / Grant Doyle
Mister Bobo / Other Bobo Iain Milne / Spencer Lang
Miss Spink / Other Miss Spink Sen Guo / Yuliia Zasimova
Miss Forcible / Other Miss Forcible Liliana Nikiteanu / Katia Ledoux
Ghost Children Céline Akçag, Emanuel Heitz, Yury Hadzetskyy

Philharmonia Zürich

© Herwig Prammer
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«Whatever you want in the
whole wide world, It’s yours.»


Which child does not sometimes dream of discovering a hidden door behind which a magical, completely different world opens up? Coraline Jones has just moved with her parents into an old, mysterious house. Mother and father Jones are very busy and hardly have time for their child. Coraline is therefore bored and begins to explore her new home. First, she meets her neighbours, who are pretty weird: Mr. Bobo conducts a chaotic mouse orchestra, which plays for Coraline. Two aging divas read the girl’s future in the tealeaves - and warn of a great danger! Then Coraline discovers a mysterious door, gathers all her courage and crawls through. At first sight, the otherworld she lands in seems very familiar: Actually, everything is like home. But Coraline's parents are suddenly terribly nice, cook delicious meals and are ready to fulfill all her wishes. However, there is one condition: to stay here forever, Coraline would have to swap her eyes for two buttons...

The family opera by British composer Mark-Anthony Turnage is based on the eponymous story by Neil Gaiman, of which there is already a very successful film version. It tells the story of a courageous young girl whose unusual name shows that everything is not always as it seems. Coraline’s fantastical and sinister experiences are reminiscent of literary classics such as Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland or E.T.A. Hoffmann’s The Sandman, yet tell a very modern coming-of-age story: faced with her seductive “other” parents, Coraline has to recognise that in a world in which every wish comes true she would lose not only her eyes, but also her ego…

«Who doesn’t like a bit of danger.»

«It’s up to you to set us free.»


«Nina Russi's stage direction is clever (...). Wisely, Russi keeps the difference between "normal" and "otherworld" small. The weirdness seems rather subtle. (...) The stage has some surprising transformations in store and is skilfully enlivened by the insertion of videos. This supports the clear and precise direction.»
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Tobias Gerosa

«The performance is different from Henry Selick's cult film – and enthused the audience.»
Tages-Anzeiger, Susanne Kübler

«CORALINE is a veritable fantasy opera at the Zurich Opera House with high notes and equally high creepy factor.»
St. Galler Tagblatt / Bündner Tagblatt, Anna Kardos

«The greatest achievement of this (...) production is also this: that she did not imitate Selick's film but found her own images for the story. The young Swiss director Nina Russi has staged it and has used all the means that the theatre offers even before the spectacular appearance of the running hand.(...) And the audience, who stayed quiet as a mouse for two hours, cheered.»
Tages-Anzeiger, Susanne Kübler

«There is just one incy-wincy condition.
It won’t hurt a bit.»


Trailer (Complete recording upon request)